Power & Data Support Services Pty Ltd


Power Security in Cairns

Power & Data Support Services Pty Ltd is a Cairns-based company that specialises in ensuring you have power to your business-critical systems at all times, even when there is a mains power outage.

We provide a 24/7 support service for our clients. We service Cairns & Tablelands as well as Mt Isa, Cape York region and Torres Strait Islands areas for all UPS and data support needs.
Maintain power supply - UPS
A UPS system (Uninterruptable Power Supply) will give your business enough time – in the case of a mains power blackout – to keep your critical systems running off an emergency battery system, until either your own standby power system is started or the mains electricity supply is restored.
Don't lose dollars over lost data
Most businesses can't afford to lose valuable data from a power outage. The amount of Client and Company Product information stored in many databases is most likely priceless to your business. A UPS system can be tailored to your individual needs. We can advise on the right system for you.
Safeguard your database
While standby power systems will help during power outages, having a system that kicks in automatically and seamlessly can ensure you don't lose valuable data or experience downtime. Power & Data Support Services are Cairns UPS experts, providing power security for data network servers, computer systems or other critical equipment.
Other options
As well as supplying UPS systems, we also install standby power generator equipment for businesses, both small and large. We can install and service switchboards and install data and communications network cabling. We rely on Krone (ADC) Clipsal (by Schneider) and Panduit. We also provide ongoing program maintenance of UPS, battery system and External Maintenance Bypass System (EMBS) equipment.