Power & Data Support Services Pty Ltd



As well as designing purpose-built UPS and UPS-maintenance programs, Power & Data Support Services can provide the necessary equipment to keep your business running.

UPS equipment

The Uninterruptable Power Supply equipment is the key to operating an efficient system. We supply:

  • Purpose-built UPS specifications
  • Battery replacement
  • Power bypass equipment
  • Load bank testing devices

Data network cabling services

We rely on Krone (ADC) Clipsal (by Schneider) and Panduit as a quality brand for all our cabling needs, including:

  • Cable ties, clamps and lugs
  • Anchor, tie and push mounts
  • Wire ducting and cutting tools
  • And plenty more

Other products

We offer a range of products to assist you with your business operations.

  • Standby power generator equipment
  • Switchboard modifications
  • Associated electrical devices
  • Fibre-optic cabling apparatus
  • Sporting field floodlighting