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Q. What is a UPS?

A. A UPS is an Uninterruptable Power Supply – an electrical system that has an input power supply and a filtered power output. This output is supported by batteries to allow the time – or in fact the autonomy – to shut down the connected equipment. For example, data network servers, computer systems or other critical equipment.

Q. Are there different types of UPS devices available?

A. There are three basic styles of UPS equipment and they are:

1. Standby
2. Line Interactive
3. Online, which is the preferred option to provide best result for reliability.

Q. Why do you need to load test?

A. Just as you have your car services to reduce potential malfunctions and breakdowns therefore Preventative Maintenance Inspections and load testing provide a guide to the ongoing Normal operation of your UPS systems.

Preventative (or Program) Maintenance Inspections provide a first hand in depth review of your most valuable asset in the continued operation of your essential Data Network equipment.

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